Monday, March 11, 2013

10.5 inches

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Hey y'all! Long time no post right? Sorry to neglect the poor lil blog but hopefully soon I'll be back in action full time again.
If you're friends with us on facebook you've already seen this but I wanted to pop in and share here as well. I'd been noticing that A was due for a trim. I mentioned the idea to her but she shot me down and said "no, mom, not just a little, cut a lot". Well..... ummmm..... okkaaayyy. So I put it off, for at least 2 weeks until I felt comfortable enough with it to just go for it. A is a pretty compasionate kid. She'd give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. When she found out that she could give her hair to someone else who doesn't have hair she jumped at the idea.

On Friday, March 8th I washed her long hair for the last time, detangled and placed it 2 low pigtails. I think I asked her about 40 times if she were ready. With 1 great big deep breath I grabbed my shears and cut off the first pigtail. She was grinning from ear to ear and her excitement was amazing to see. I cut off the last pig tail and she was practically jumping out of her seat to see. I asked her if she were okay, probably because I wanted to cry myself, and she gave me the biggest smile ever and said she was fabulous. =)
I'm so proud of my girl. She's 5 years old and knows that her long hair isn't what makes her awesome. Sometimes doing something different than what we know is scary but if you take the plunge it's so worth it.
When I stretched her braids they measure in at a little over 10.5 inches long. We decided to donate to her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Although it was just a simple hair cut, she inspired me a great deal. I hope we were able to bring you some inspiration today as well.
At the end of the day sometimes we just have to let go to feel brand new and refreshed.

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