Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zig zags and triangle parts

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This is a style that originally started out as something else but half way through I had another idea and decided to abandon the first style I was attempting. All of the years of styling A's hair and I've never done triangle parts... yea, I know right! Something as simple as triangle parts was daunting to me because I hate funky parts. (not that triangle parts are funky, it's MY parting that LOOKS funky, lol) I used my newly beloved Blended Beauty of course... seriously, this stuff is gold. Anywho, I did it anyway and I love the outcome of this simple style. I

This was right before we headed out the door to vote, she was soooo excited. =) Also, notice those 2 missing lil teeth on the bottom?! I can't stand that cuteness y'all.

Next week I'll finish that style that I had originally planned. =)


  1. Love the triangle parts! And that little toothless grin? Adorable! <3

  2. Oh so cute! Love the cornrow design

  3. I love this!!! I never thought about doing triangle parts before


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