Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Day 2

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Yesterday we had a bit of whining that was reported to the big guy so when the kids went to bed they were hoping Pickles wouldn't bring back sad news.

The kids woke up this morning, ran downstairs and found Pickle perched atop our statue elephants on the book case along with a note.

At exactly 7:05 the phone started ringing.. and guess who it was from?!


If you go here to this website:
you have exactly 2 hours left to schedule a free phone call, so hurry and do it! They give you the number it'll be calling from so I added it to my phone under "Santa", added a picture and a chiming ringtone and that was it.

For the record I've never seen either of my children smile so hard before. It was totally worth it!

*Sorry in advance for the not so great pictures, I'm taking these photos at around 11:30 pm so it's nothing but "ambient lighting" round here. haha*


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