Friday, November 2, 2012

a review: Blended Beauty

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I've heard of Blended Beauty since I first started blogging almost 2 years ago but I'm always skeptic to jump on a band wagon when it comes to hair products. I will be the first to admit that I'm sad that this is one bandwagon that I didn't jump on! I was sent their Happy Nappy Styles and their Curly Cake Shake and in the past few weeks of use I have seen A's hair come to life in a state that I hadn't seen before. 

You know how it seems as if we're always on the hunt for that 1 perfect product that does our hair wonders? I've finally found it!

The Curly Cake Shake is a detangler that their website states is perfect for all hair textures. I do believe that because between my son, daughter and I we have 3 different textures and it's worked amazing each and every time. Shake before use, spray hair generously and work in small sections. It can also be used to revive curls. For us that important because a lot of products we've used leaves a white residue when not applying it to wet hair; the curly cake shake did not.

The Happy Nappy Styles is a leave in conditioner butter that's great for kinky curls, locs, and highly textured hair. Apply and style with your fingers to reduce the frizzies. THIS STUFF IS THE BUSINESS! I decided to test this stuff out on a style that rarely last for more than a day for us... the style lasted an entire week until wash day and even then it still looked good. Her hair stayed shiny and even with a little reapplication her hair was never greasy. I want to dedicate my entire linen closet to this stuff.. my love is that serious y'all. 

So.. on to the style.

Week 1 was finger curls in a pony tail. I decided I'd play it safe with a pony tail that way if the product failed me, I could easily bun it. I'm happy to report that the only thing I did to refresh was smooth her edges back with the happy nappy styles and applied a bit on the ends of her looser textured sections. I wrapped with a durag each night and we were good to go. 

(only 1 shot for the week, my camera battery was dead and I couldn't find it. Sorry!)

Week 2 I started to feel pretty bold. So what did I do? Finger curls with no pony! I cornrowed the front so it'd be out of her face and finger curled the rest. I washed her hair, detangled with the curly cake shake and then finger curled with the happy nappy styles. This lasted for more than a week, it lasted for a week and a half y'all! 

I think she's feelin herself... what y'all think? lol

It's rare that I let her wear her hair down because she's so active it gets messy quickly. She has successfully wore her hair down even without finger curling and her hair looks great all day.

These pictures are less than great but you can kind of tell how great her hair was on Halloween. It was completely dry and every single curl was defined.

So if you can't tell, I REALLY, really, really love these 2 products. The only 1 con that I have is my bottle of curly cake shake seems to leak out on the side where the lock button is. It's so minor that it doesn't bother me, I just wipe it off and rub it in A's hair and everything is fine. Out of 5 stars I still give it 5 stars. If you're in the market for some new hair products I highly recommend Blended Beauty. They even have a hair typing "quiz" to make sure you select the best products for your mane. Trust me, their's is easy, no abcs and 123s to learn; it's simple terms to describe your curls. They have tons of products to choose from so no curl will be left out!

If you decide to give them a try, please stop on by and let us know how much you love their products (because I'm sure you will!!)!


  1. Great review, A's curls look gorgeous!

  2. Blended Beauty is really good. I have the happy nappy styles and yes it is awesome. Great review! :)


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