Monday, September 17, 2012

Style change up

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Last week I posted A's latest style which was inspired by CH/VC. It's still holding strong and looking fabulous even with a little bit of fuzz in the front. It still looked perfectly fine as it was but since I received a letter from teacher stating someone in her class had lice; I figured I'd take down the pigtail braids and grease her scalp a bit and put them back up. I split the braids on each side horizontally down the middle and braided the back section up and the front section back and then gathered them back in a ponytail. I also braided the front hanging braid back into one of the pigtails. I then braided the braids into 2 braids in each ponytail and undid them this morning for a braid braid out. Say that 3 times fast. lol

As you can see, there is some fuzz at the very front. It's okay because it honestly looks a lot less noticeable in person. The front part of her hair is the most fragile so I never braid it tightly and it's bound to pop out here and there. Embrace that fuzz y'all! =D


  1. Very cute! I'm just waiting for the day when I get a great style in my daughter's hair and then get a lice notice the next day...

  2. Wow - that's a lot of braiding braids! The braid-out looks amazing. We are embracing the fuzz at our place too, JJ's had small braids in forever. I think when I finally take them out I might work up the energy to try this style!


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