Monday, September 17, 2012

Style change up

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Last week I posted A's latest style which was inspired by CH/VC. It's still holding strong and looking fabulous even with a little bit of fuzz in the front. It still looked perfectly fine as it was but since I received a letter from teacher stating someone in her class had lice; I figured I'd take down the pigtail braids and grease her scalp a bit and put them back up. I split the braids on each side horizontally down the middle and braided the back section up and the front section back and then gathered them back in a ponytail. I also braided the front hanging braid back into one of the pigtails. I then braided the braids into 2 braids in each ponytail and undid them this morning for a braid braid out. Say that 3 times fast. lol

As you can see, there is some fuzz at the very front. It's okay because it honestly looks a lot less noticeable in person. The front part of her hair is the most fragile so I never braid it tightly and it's bound to pop out here and there. Embrace that fuzz y'all! =D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspired style: CHVC

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This past weekend I saw that Rory from CH/VC had posted their take on traditional french braids and was in love. A already had her hair parted for french braids because it's what she had wore to school on Friday. I've done a similar style like this before but never with bangs so I decided to give it a go. The outcome is great AND protective. Lately, no matter if her hair is down, up, or in braids, she's been getting small bumps around her temples as if the hair is pulled too tight although it's not. I'm a little baffled by that. This weekend we switched our hair products so maybe that'll help with it.

Speaking of hair products; do any of you use Giovanni's leave in? I've always heard a lot of great stuff about it and I'm finally sold. On it's on it wouldn't do anything for her hair because her hair soaks up moisture but when I added it to the LOC method, it does wonders. I wash her hair, put a bit of castor oil on and then the leave in. Her hair has been so shiny and soft!

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