Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twist 101

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As I browse online forums, Facebook, etc I often see people wondering what is the difference between sister twist, rope twist, 2 strand twist, 3 strand twist, Senegalese twist, kinky twist and flat twist. That's 7 different types of twist and sometimes that can get confusing! I decided I'd do a post with photos and directions on how to achieve the different types in case any of you need to know the difference. I hope this post is informative and helpful. =D

1. 2 strand twist- A 2 strand twist is very simple and basic. You take a section of hair and  split it into 2 equal sections and begin to wrap them around each other in a twisting motion.

2. sister twist, rope twist, Senegalese twist, and kinky twist- They are virtually all the same thing. It requires taking a section of hair and splitting it into 2 equal portions just like you would on a regular 2 strand twist. Then you take each individual section and twist in clock wise and then twist the sections together counter clockwise. I know that sounds confusing so I have a video to show you. The only difference is Senegalese twist are typically done with Kanekalon hair and kinky twist are typically done with Marley/afro kinky hair.

sister/rope twist

Senegalese twist  image source http://www.braidsinc.com/gallery/senegalese4.JPG

3. 3 strand twist- Three strands of hair twisted together. I'm not even going to attempt to explain it because it can be confusing. I found a FANTASTIC video on YouTube showing how. Unfortunately I can't embed the video as it doesn't belong to me but I will provide you the link!

4. flat twist- Exact same concept as 2 strand twisting except it's flat to the head. Once again, kind of hard to explain so I'll link a video instead.


This is a VERY long video so if you want to just skip to the twisting part skip to 7:29.

And that is it! A full break down of the different types of twist! For all the photos and videos that are not mine, the original links are linked to the photos as well as put under them. I hope this post can be of some help!


  1. All the twists in *one* place!! I found the descriptions and the photos very informative. Fabulous post- thanks!!!

  2. Great post, I've been wanting to know the difference between Senegalese and Kinky Twists, since forever!

  3. Great post! I've been wanting to know the differnec between Senegalese twists and kinky twists since forever!

  4. Awesome post!! Thanks for clearing up all the different types of twists!


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