Friday, June 1, 2012

Braids with a bang

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Hey y'all! This is the first braided style that A has worn in quite a few weeks. Now that she's a "big girl" she wants to wear her hair down more and boy.. it is a MESS. After these braids come out we'll be banding for a few days in preparation for a big cut.. as in possibly 4 inches or so! I'm a little sad to see some of her curls though but she needs it and healthy hair is way better than damaged hair!

Let me go ahead and apologize for these slightly blurry  photos with the odd lighting. It's been dark and rainy since I done this style on her yesterday and when I saw a bit of sun light peaking out of the clouds I quickly snapped some photos with my phone to share with y'all. She hasn't been wearing her head wrap so you can see some frizz already, but oh well. I originally saw this style done by CH/VC but A's hair was too long to pin to the sides.. it made her look like she had a growth on the sides of her head. lol

We started with banded hair after using the "LOC method". *more info on that later* I dunno if y'all can tell but man her hair was super moisturized!

If the sun ever comes out tomorrow I'll try to snap some better pictures!


  1. This is cute, I have been wanted to try some type of "bang" style on D. And i totally agree healthy hair is better than longer damaged hair, we just cut 4 inches from D's hair, too.

  2. This is super cute! I'm anxious to hear more about the loc method.

  3. Super cute, I love the style and I braided bun effect, I have been using the LOC method on the diva and it works great!

  4. 4 inches?! Which method are you gonna use for the cut? I'm sooo trying the LOC method!

    1. Yes Tav. =( She could probably get away with about 2 or 2.5 inches trimmed off but I want to make sure I get all the scraggly ends. Then again, after it's all banded I may not need to cut that much after all.

      I'm probably going to just band it for a few days and then trim it but I'm not certain yet.

  5. Totally doing this on the princess I got to braid the kids today but just don't feel up to it lol. This is so elegant and beautiful!

  6. This looks really pretty! I want to try something like this on C if I ever get brave enough :)


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