Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple design boy braids

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I've been fighting the idea of whether I want to cut Man's hair or not into a mohawk. I love his hair long and I love him with braids but sometimes I just think he'd look SO cute with a mohawk. Anywho, on this one particular day my hands were only inches from the scissors when I just decided to use that creativity to braid it instead. About an hour later, we had a cute style that lasted us well over a week!

These pics are from the day after so the back is laying weird from him sleeping on them uncovered. 

I can't believe this sweet little boy will be 3 in July. This little comedian is a trip, his faces are priceless. =)


  1. He's too adorable! Love the braids! Maybe you could try braiding the sides up for a mohawk to see how it would look on him!

  2. Ugh, he is sooo adorable, and I love this style on him! I hope you try Precious' idea, how cute would that be!

  3. He is so handsome... Love this style on him.

  4. eww ugly hair styles i can do betta den dat


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