Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy birthday baby girl!

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My sweet girl, I can not believe that today you are turning 5! You're a crazy kid and you drive me insane on the regular but I could never imagine my life without you. Your laughter is contagious, your smile is heartwarming, and your presence is pure joy.

I hope you continue to be the free spirit that you are and let your hair fly in the wind without a care. I hope you always do what you like because you like it, not because anyone else does. You are wise beyond your years little one, but I already think you know that. You are sharp, creative, and sassy and I wouldn't change you one bit. 

I hope your birthday is just as magical as you thought it would be!

We love you bunches!

P.S. We still kept up with our tradition of cake for breakfast for the birthday kid. =) I might have slaved away at this cake until 1:30 this morning but the look on her face when she seen it was absolutely priceless. (see 2nd photo in birthday collage.)


  1. Love it!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful <3 She looks adorable and she makes that tutu look fabulous!!!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful girl!!

  3. Happy 5th birthday A! That cake is amazing!

  4. Love It!!! Great Job!! HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! How did she like her stuffed Peppa Pig?

  5. Love the cake and the picture of her is so pretty!


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