Thursday, April 12, 2012

A review: Nael Coce

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I love, love, love me some nice shoes. Shoes are my weakness. I don't care how painful they are, I will suffer for their beauty. lol When I first heard of the new line of convertible shoes by Nael Coce I knew I wanted to try them. Not only are these heels fabulous on their own, they have a hidden pair of flats in them for when your feet are really killing you!

At $70 for the black platform pumps, they're a steal. It's 2 shoes in one and they are both comfortable on their own and can definitely be worn independently. Another great thing about the shoes is they are made from eco-friendly materials so you're doing the planet some justice all the while looking fabulous!

I normally wear a size 7 in all my shoes but I could have probably used a size 7.5 for an even better fit when wearing the flat inserted in the heel.

The green bottoms, fancy right?! I like these shoes a lot but I like even more that this is a company ran by a woman with a true desire to make comfortable, high quality foot wear. In my mission this year to become a better me on the inside and out, they're a great addition to my wardrobe! 

*I was sent this product for review purposes, however all opinions stated are my own.*


  1. These heels are really nice and the flats are cute. Definitely love the concept and the fact that they are using eco friendly materials makes them all the more appealing. Oh and I love the green bottoms. :)

  2. great review sounds like some great shoes need these in my life

  3. The heels and flats are cute! Love how they are eco-friendly. The heels remind me of Louboutins!

  4. Those are really cute!! I love the dual purpose they have and the eco-friendly aspect!! Oh, and the green bottoms?!?! YES PLEASE!!!


    Great Review!


  5. Very nice shoes and what an excellent idea.


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