Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the smokey eye

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Our first beauty how to is the smokey eye! This version is not as dramatic so it can be worn as a day look if you like.

Gather your products.
I used:
NYC eyeliner in black
Rimmel London eyeshadow in Smokey Noir 001
Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara
Mary Kay eyelash curler
flat make up brush
(not pictured) NARS eye primer

Step 1
Prime your eyes, you want the shadow to stick!

Step 2
Apply your first shadow like so. I decided to go with the darkest color other than black in my pallet.

Step 3
Apply darker shadow like so and line under your lower lashes. Don't worry if the lines look a little too crisp.

Step 4
Apply a light/shimmery shade up to your brow bone and blend in.

Step 5
Apply liner. Rim the inside of your eye and continue the line out to make a wing, line the top.

Step 6
Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom. *tip* If you have a metal eyelash curler like mine, blow on it for a few seconds to warm it up a bit for a better curl.

And that's it! Step back and admire your smokey eye. =) I can do both eyes in about 5 minutes or less.


  1. I like...looks great and not too dramatic, like you said.

  2. Pretty... by the way great tip about metal eye lash curler, will do that next time I use mine.

  3. oh wow gorgeous!! I never thought about warming up the lash curler. I LOVE the step-by-step details. Somehow I failed eyeshadow 101 and when I try to do more than one color I don't know where to put anything and it looks silly. Keep these coming!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And you are right, you can wear this to the office, not too dramatic. :)

  5. Looks good! I've been so scared to try a smokey eye because I could never figure it out--everyone makes it seem so hard to do! You make it look easy--def gonna have to try this one out


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