Monday, February 20, 2012

mini rope twist update

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WOOOOO HOOOOO! We have officially hit 5 weeks with A's mini rope twist. She's been wearing them up in a side pony, down, half way pinned back with flower clips and in buns. Today I decided to braid the top into a side fishtail braid after getting some inspiration from Girly and Curly and Goldilocks*N*Me. This is the longest that twist have ever lasted in her hair, the "rope" part really makes the difference!

Such a silly girl. =)


  1. what a little ham, with her cute self! i love that bow!! man, her hair is just perfect for minis. the curls at the ends just pop

  2. They're looking fab for being 5 weeks old! A is absolutely adorable and so silly :-D

  3. Oh wow, 5 weeks! That's awesome. She's such a cutie!!

  4. She's too cute! The twists still look awesome!

  5. A is such a pretty girl and those twists look great. I can't believe they are five weeks old. As for the fishtail braid you already know I am a huge fan.


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