Monday, February 13, 2012

mini rope twist update

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A has had in these mini rope twist since the 19th of January for Kandy Land Kurls protective challenge. We've almost made it for an entire month! If i'm bold and brave I MAY try to make them last until the challenge is over in March. I know if that's the case I'll have to redo at least 10 in the very front of her head, for some reason those look the worst. Nonetheless, I'm still happy that they've lasted this long! 


  1. Still holding strong!! That's why I love twists!!! They are GREAT protective style! :)


  2. These twist look wonderful. Can't wait to see how much new growth she has from this style. They are holding up so well.

  3. Looks great, going strong! Lovin' the side pony and flower :)

  4. They do still look so good. The front ones are always the first to go or be redone on D as well.

  5. I love her mini twists! The side pony is so cute, too!


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