Monday, February 13, 2012

he's back!

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The last time I did a hair related post on Man it was about the sad, sad day he received his first hair cut. He got a total of maybe 4 haircuts and we've been growing it out ever since. I think his last hair cut was in August/September of last year but I can't be for certain. His little fro is getting a little out of hand lately since he's so active. I really wanted to give him comb coils but I couldn't find a comb all over my house that would work. =( I was just playing around and discovered that it's long enough to braid! A few hours and some crampy fingers later, Man had a full head of lil mini braids! =D 

The only smile I could muster out of him. He was feeling pretty bad but it worked out nicely, he just laid around while I braided his hair.


  1. Ooh his hair looks so good! I took King's twists out once again because I missed the fro. Now you got me wanting to do braids! Lol!!

  2. OMGoodness Lil Man looks sooo cute with his lil smile. Hate he felt bad but man he sure did look great. Those braids look nice. Great Job Mommy, hope he is feeling 100% again.

  3. Look at his little braids. He is way too cute, looking like a lil man with his du rag.

  4. Oh my gosh! You can just gimme that curly headed child!! Lol, sooo cute he is... *in my yoda voice, lol

  5. Oooooh, his braids look amazing! Great job, Shay!


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