Monday, January 16, 2012

inspired style: braids and twist

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I was browsing facebook this morning when I came across a super cute style done by Goldilocks*N*Me and I knew I wanted to do it on A before we start Kandy Land Kurl's protective challenge. After a monster of a detangling session, it took me maybe 15 minutes to do this style. Detangling was a beast. I had took out her previous style and she wore the braid out for 4 days. 4 days of rumbling, tumbling, doing zumba, acting crazy. Needless to say... her hair was a MESS and it didn't look like the former braid out that it was. lol

The original:

The tangled web of knots. =)

 Length check! Paste her waist band of her pants while sitting!

 Our version:

We also used some new hair products that we won in a hair chat over at ONK, more information on those to come!


  1. Wow her hair is long. Love the style. Don't you hate those beast detangling sessions!?

  2. That's a really cute style on her!!! I love her smile too!


  3. It's so purdy!! A's hair is loooooooooong too :) I know firsthand the horrors of braidouts left out for for too long, so I feel your pain on that detangling session, lol

  4. awww look at her she is too cute great redo!!!!

  5. Wow A looks purdy as usual. Her hair is super long and thick too. Great redo of GDL style. Love it on both of them. Very Pretty!

  6. she is such a DOLL!!! This is a supacute style. How'd I miss THAT?!?!


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