Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hair carnival: holiday hair styles

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A's first Christmas she was only 7 months old but she was still rockin a mean lil twa with a side swoop =)
chunkalicious lol

Christmas 08 we started the pig tail trend. After going through all of our pictures, I think pig tails was always our go to style.

notice she was also starting to slim down. =)

I am a complete loser and can't find any pics from Christmas of 09. That was also my son's first Christmas, I have no clue how I misplaced those photos but I'm sure A was rockin' pig tails. lol

Once again, last year she rocked pigtails. Hey... at least I spiced them up a little!

This year A has mini braids in. For our Christmas card she wore them down with a headband.

I think we're going to use the curlformers on her mini braids for Christmas day. =)

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  1. Oh my A is sooooo cute in that first picture. All her pics are pretty but that first pic just makes you wanna eat her up.

  2. Hehehe she is too adorable, love the photos and her cute styles!

  3. Please give me this BABY!!! Gosh! so cute. yummy!

  4. She is too cute! I like all the styles :)

  5. Oh I love the black and red! Can't wait to see this year's style with the curlformers!

  6. Ooooh--look at that adorable little fat-fat baby! I love those cheekies on A! I really like all the styles and can't wait to see this years :-)


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