Friday, November 11, 2011

inspired style: braids into a side pony

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a few weeks back i seen this beautiful style done on Anisa from Braid with Me. i loved it and i wanted to do it asap on A but since halloween was coming and she was Olive Oyl, braids wouldn't have worked. i decided that i'd do it this week but i probably should have allocated more time. next time i'll make smaller braids for sure.  but either way, i still like it a lot!

she's been a little under the weather this week so she wasn't feeling picture time.


  1. This style looks so pretty on A. She has some wonderfully thick hair. Beautiful Girl!

  2. Love it!! You did a great job on this style! And even though she's sick she still looks beautiful!! :-)

  3. So cute, it came beautifully I love it and her hair is amazing :)

  4. That's beautiful, Shay!! GORGEOUS!



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