Saturday, October 22, 2011

twist for 2

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tonight we were invited to an invite only dinner for the opening of a new restaurant (which was totally delicious by the way =)). i wanted something quick, easy, and cute all at the same time for Miss A since i know i'll be giving her some more halloween inspired braids tomorrow. out came the sock bun! for some variation i decided to flat twist a "bang" section and pin it back. she looked like such a little lady tonight.

i also did some twist on myself. after talking to my bestie Carol from boys and girls natural curls she found me a style she thought would look super cute. i did this style, but i added in a small cornrow on each side just because. i loved how it turned out! the flat twist in the back looked kinda weird but i was running out of time and my arms were tired. lol. tomorrow i'll probably either retwist it to make it look better or i'll separate it into 2 twist.

see that tiny lil cornrow in between the 2 twist in the front on each side? i'm pretty proud of those. i don't normally braid or twist my own hair so this is a big deal for me. these flat twist look MUCH better than the last ones i did on myself. 

i kept getting compliments on my hair and my awesome earrings. they are made by my awesome friend Darby and i love them very much. =D

one thing i've noticed when i was uploading pics is wow.. i'm starting to look more and more like my mom everyday. lol.


  1. Great job, u and A look beautiful as always. I wish I could cornrow my own hair.

  2. So cute both styles :) I love them both. I betcha arms got tired didn't they lol

  3. cute hairstyles!!!!


  4. It looks lovely on you!!!! and Miss A looks adorable like always! Thanks for the shoutout!

  5. Very pretty styles on the both of yous!! :) <3 Love them!! So classy and beautiful!



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