Friday, October 28, 2011

spirit day!

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all this week has been "spirit" week at A's preschool. let me be perfectly clear here. the sole reason i had children was to participate in fun events and dress them up to my hearts desire, also, they give me excuse to craft things at the last minute. =) jk.. kinda! haha today was wear your favorite team shirt or colors. we're from the south and highschool/college football is HUGE. there are 2 large college teams in our state *one of which is ranked number 5!* but their shirts are expensive! and plus.. we're not like everybody else, we root for a completely different team.

i guess because of the 2 big colleges the stores don't think about selling other team shirts. and even if they did, i wasn't paying $24 for a stupid tshirt! so last night i went into her closet and got out a white tshirt and rummaged through my craft stuff for some paint. don't judge me... but the paint i used is from when i was a senior in high school... 6 years ago. lol. i didn't have any green so i mixed blue and yellow til i got a good color. i traced the U off of the university of miami's website onto printer paper (because i was too lazy to walk to the other room to actually print it lol). i outlined it in black marker so i could see it through the shirt and then i traced it onto the shirt with a pencil. i painted it with regular cheap paintbrushes and the end result looked pretty dang good if i do say so myself! =D

but was i done? no, of course not. i had to make some bows.. cause that's what any mad woman does at 11:30 at night when they have to get up at 5 am the next morning! lol
if yall are interested i can make a video on how i make the bows, just let me know!

i took her spider web design braids out this morning and put her hair in 2 piggy puffy buns and put in the clippies. she was quite impressed with how she looked. she's a daddy's girl all the way and it made her proud to be wearing "daddy's team" on her shirt. 

please ignore that 1 bun.. her daddy had knocked it with his backpack and had it lookin all funny, i didn't notice til we had gotten in the car. luckily i had time to fix it before i sent her off to school!

"THE U!!"


  1. OMGoodness, A is super cute with your DIY shirt... Love it. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and skills. Love the last pic... :)

  2. HA!! Absolutely fantastic!!!!! You did a great job, as always!! And A looks beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt/bow connection too!! Beautiful!!


  3. Aww, I love her little face coming through the "U!" Cute bows, I vote for a video!

  4. LOL, it looks really good, I can't tell you made that Susie (lol)! Not to mention how adorable Little A is and I love her hair bows!

  5. OMGAAAAAA!! I SO LOVE THIS!! Get it craft mommy!! Same boat here. Cant find nam'collegiate shirt/'nilia in our town that represents us... BRILLIANT! Every friday is sports day and I have 1 measly shirt. did not occur to me to make one. A MUST ON MY LIST! Awesome post!! *whistles, dog pound fists*

  6. REP THE U BABYYYYYYYY!!! Yes! I vote this one my favorite blog post of the day. She looks adorable,the bows are great, the shirt is flawless, and that team. OH THAT TEAM!!! (can you tell I'm a fan? lol)

  7. Cute bows! You did a great job in the shirt and accessories :)

  8. Haha-love it! A is so daggon adorable, I swear! I totally feel you, though. I was up at 10:00 last night making hair bows to go with Baby O's Colt's cheerleader is Halloween dress up day at her daycare and I didn't want to send her in her real costume. I love the bows you made, super pretty and fun--are those flowers actually snaps? I think I have those lol

  9. thanks yall!

    @Nikki, those flowers are actually beads! lol that was the easiest thing in reach without waking the kids up so i made it work, what are the odds?!

  10. sooo cute, great job, as always! I love it!


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