Friday, October 28, 2011

a review: my true nature

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last month i had heard from untrained hair mom that my true nature was giving out a sample of their new eczema cream. i jumped on that opportunity because my son has a reoccurring patch on his back and he has extremely dry legs. 

i contacted her and she quickly responded and sent me the cream, but was i was surprised to find is she also sent me a sample of their shampoo/body wash and their bubble bath! the packaging was super cute little bottles wrapped in hot pink tissue paper. 

a little goes a long way on my kids, i put maybe a dime sized amount on their sponge and it gets their body clean without drying their skin out. also, the smell is sweet like a baby but not too over powering. i'll be honest, we haven't used the bubble bath as bubble bath. my kids don't take baths, they take showers so i put the bubble bath in their foaming hand soap dispenser. either way, it's working! A usually has a lot of peeling around her fingernails but since she's been washing her hands with the bubble bath, i noticed much less of that.

on to the cream, it isn't out yet for purchase but i definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for it! i usually lube their bodies up with gobs and gobs of lotion and coconut oil but it only took a little bit of this. it worked excellent for the dry patch Man's back but i did have to layer it with coconut oil on his legs. his legs felt so smooth rather than hard and scaly like they normally do.

it was great testing these products out, Kelly was great with communication and offering helpful tips. check them out for some great natural and organic bath and body products!

**i was sent these products for review purposes only. all the opinions stated are mine and i was not paid or endorsed to post this review.**


  1. I wish I had gotten samples of this... Des has some problems with eczema too. So glad to hear that it is working for Lil Man and A.

  2. wow this is weird i just posted my review today also but we had different results! Im glad it worked for your little ones.

  3. I love when a little bit of product goes a long way! I'm glad it's working for your babies!

  4. I love the photos you took of the products with the bath sponges :) Great review, I enjoyed these bath products too, you are right a little does go a long way.

  5. thanks brooke, i swear i like to pretend i'm photographer lol

  6. haha..i do the same thing...i'm not that good though, lol


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