Monday, October 10, 2011

meal plan monday: 5 lbs worth!

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in this edition of meal plan monday i have 1 question for you......
how many tasty things can you make with 1 5lb bag of all purpose flour? =)

well... you can make:

20 pizza rolls and 10 hot pockets (not pictured) using this dough

8 hamburger buns *trust me, you want to make these ASAP, these are the most delicious buns i've ever ate in my entire life*

and not pictured: buttermilk biscuits

each link will take you to the recipe that i used. i bought a jar of yeast for $2.50 and the 5lb bag of flour was 1.98 (walmart brand). i already had things like baking powder, sugar, salt, etc. i use those items regularly so i don't even include that as an extra cost. if you're never made homemade bread, i highly recommend it. the first time it may seem like a lot of work, but if you have the time, try it. i promise you you'll love it and you'll never want to eat store bought bread again.

also, a tip for those of you who decide to try making homemade bread. when i make a loaf of bread, i go ahead and slice it for sandwiches once it's cooled, then i wrap the entire loaf in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. we unfreeze pieces of bread as we want to eat them. homemade bread can go bad quickly because it lacks all the extra preservatives and additives that store brought bread has. if we have time we just leave it on the counter to defrost but if we want to eat it soon i'll wrap the bread in a little aluminum foil and put the oven on warm and do it that way. for left over pancakes i wrap them individually in plastic wrap and freeze. heat in the oven on the lowest temp and you're good to go. 


  1. OMG I'm so hungry now! And I just ate:-/

  2. Oh wow, I so need you to come cook at my house. Everything you share with use looks so tasty. Thank you for making me hungry, AGAIN. LOL.

  3. Girl... Gimme some of that food!!!!!!!!!

    You go on head with your bad self!! My husband LOVES making his own bread, pancakes, etc. as well... So, you, my dear have just gave me some ideas for some meals!!!

  4. Yummy, you continue to inspire me. I'm gonna try that honey oatmeal bread asap. Gotta get to the store first though - just checked the yeast in my fridge (expired) - I guess I had good intentions to bake bread at one point, but thought about it for too long. So great to have all these links in one spot, and your photos are mouthwatering!!


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