Thursday, October 20, 2011

inspired style: flat twist pin up

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i just want to start this post out by saying this is stepping out of my comfort zone by about a million. i have very thin hair and i try my best to hide it, but styles like this show all it's imperfections and makes me feel naked and vulnerable. but, with that said, sometimes it's good to step outside of your comfort zones. 

i was browsing youtube yesterday and i found a really nice style by i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i was skeptic on trying it because 1. my hair is thin, 2. my hair is softish, and 3. i've never done flat twist in my own hair. i tackled it anyway just because it's too beautiful to pass up. =)

let me just say... my arms were killing me! i think with more practice i can get the twist to look nicer and tighter. i didn't use any product at all (which i probably should have for extra hold).

i flat twisted the bangs down and pinned them too the side because they were hanging way past my eyes and it didn't look cute at all. maybe if i did the twist on wet hair and let them shrink up that would work. also, next time i'll make the twist MUCH smaller. i only had an hour to complete this whole style so small twist wouldn't have worked. maybe smaller twist will help me not look so scalpy too.. who knows. so yea.... there i am, my scalp showing laying it on the line for yall lol. the message is, don't be afraid to try something new, even if you risk looking like a moron. =)

here's the original in case you might want to try it for yourself!


  1. I love it! The style looks great and you are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Gorgeous updo, Gorgeous YOU. Thank you for sharing. It looks great!!!

  3. Definitely don't look like a moron! ;-) I think it's beautiful on you! (you are stunning by the way!)

  4. cute, I like it I think it looks pretty on you :)

  5. Great job--I love this style on you! You are so daggon pretty...all up in your closet taking pics lol

  6. Your hair looks EXTRA thick in this style. So pretty!! SKILLS, ma!! YOU GOTS THEM SKILLS! :)


  7. That looks great, I wish I could do twists on my own hair.


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