Thursday, September 8, 2011

ummm do black people get lice? O_o

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you like that title right? i knew it'd pull you in and i'd get your attention. ;) while i'm not technically all black (my mom is white, my dad is black) i'm still asked this question ALL THE TIME, especially since it's back to school time. sadly, i've had lice 3 times in all my years. twice from the same girl and once when i worked at a day care. i remember the first time my mom had to cut off my hair to shoulder length because my hair was soooo thick, getting the nits and lice out was a nightmare. why did i get the lice? not because i was dirty because that myth is completely untrue! i got it because my hair was "extremely clean". i washed my hair every single morning. my hair didn't have any natural oils or added oils so it was easy for the lice to hold onto and lay their nasty lil babies. *shudders*

if you google any home remedy for lice you'll find that almost every single remedy involves some type of oil. that's because lice can't survive in oil. they can't cling to the hair shaft. imagine if your whole body was submerged in oil.. you'd probably die right? (haha, probably a bad analogy but you get what i'm saying) 

you can always buy the chemical NIX and that scary little comb but i personally HATE that stuff. my mom always used mayonnaise for me. yes, it stinks really bad, yes as it heats up it's probably going to start to run, but that's why you tie your hair up in a shower cap or plastic baggy. leave it on for a few hours and when your done, voila! all lice should be dead! Vaseline also has the same effects as mayo but man.. it's a pain in the butt to get out so that would be the last thing i'd try.

for you ladies who like to make a mix of oils, i have a nice recipe that i found while browsing the web.

You will need:
5 teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil
5 drops of tea tree essential oil
5 drops of rosemary essential oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil
5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

according to the recipe it says you can add a little bit of regular shampoo to this mix and shampoo your hair as normal, but i bet you can use it sans shampoo with the same effects. whoa, this actually reminds me of the homemade shampoo made by Nikki over at Intermittent Babbling, her recipe is very similar.

the recipe says to leave it on for an hour under a towel or tight fitting shower cap and then rinse. it says that the olive oil and coconut oil kill the lice by dissolving their exoskeletons and other oils don't have the same effect.

there's a lot of useful information on that site so i'd check it out. 

you could technically use that recipe sans shampoo as a moisturizer for the hair.

trust me folks, you nor your kids want lice. it's a pain! i mean really do you really want these nasty things living in your hair feeding on all your good blood?! *gag*

yea, nasty right?

i also found this information from the website i got those picture from:

"" Head Lice (Pediculus humanus capitis)    

Head lice are external parasites (blood feeders) of people, particularly children of school age. Lice glue their eggs (nits) to hairs, which can only be removed with a thorough combing with a fine-toothed "nit" comb. Adult lice live about a month and spend their entire life cycle on the host. If separated from the host, lice do not live longer than 48 hours, therefore, it serves no purpose to treat schools to control lice. Females lay 50 to 100 eggs, which hatch in 5 to 14 days. It is very important to realize that only 90% of the eggs hatch after 9 days. The life cycle, egg to sexually mature adult, normally requires about three weeks to complete. Lice are spread from person to person mainly through physical contact, sharing clothing (especially hats) and beds. 
Control of lice is achieved only through the diligent and persistent insecticidal shampoos and creams, baby or mineral oil, nit combs, short hairstyles, and by avoiding infested persons. Daily laundering of clothes and bedding for the first few days after the initial treatment will eliminate lice that have fallen off their host and prevent them from re-infesting family members. 
An effective non-chemical method of controlling lice is baby oil or mineral oil. Simply saturate the hair with the oil at night, wrap the head with a towel to avoid staining sheets and pillowcases, then in the morning, and shampoo the hair to remove the oil. The oil must remain on the head for at least 8 hours to be effective. Even though it is very likely that a single application of the oil will kill all stages (eggs, nymphs and adults) of the lice, I recommend retreatment about 7 days after the initial treatment. I believe that a second and third treatment is necessary to insure control of lice. There is a huge difference between killing every egg and killing just some of them. All it takes is a few eggs to survive and the lice will reappear, over and over again, in a few weeks time. Also, it is very important to treat every member of the family and an earnest attempt should be made to have other families, whose children play with yours, treat their children as well. I have used NIX (Permethrin) and baby oil when my children have had lice. I treated them, as well as everybody else in the family, with NIX. Treatments of baby oil were repeated every week thereafter for three consecutive weeks.   This eventually got rid of the lice. 
Be sure to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions found on the label before using any pesticide. ""

the bottom line is you want to be prepared, so what are you waiting on, get to oiling them babies scalps up!! =)

** a big thanks goes out to Char from Charlotte's Avenue, without her i wouldn't even have thought to do this post, go check out her own post on the nasty lice! ** 


  1. Why am I scratching my head as I read this?!?!? UGH... It's a great article though!! I love how you DISPOSE the black/white myth in here!! AND, I dig the essential oil lice removal... I may take that to the school and see what they do with it!! :)

    Thanks for posting!! :)



  2. As I type this my skin crawls at the thought that the lice on the screen are going to somehow end up on my head. Love the info...thanks so much for making us more knowledgeable. As for the pics...they were right when they say that pictures are worth a thousand words. Right now all the words that come to my mind are not nice. LOL.

  3. I just threw up in my mouth. Great post. I need to get some oils, STAT!

  4. Disgusting they look gross up close and on the head too. I thought they were white for some reason lol. I've never had lice and neither has my kids. The diva's hair stays oiled up on a regular I wonder if she protected then???

  5. Girl you got me itching my scalp...thanks lol. But, this was really informative because Baby O is biracial as well. I was told I was lucky because she wont get lice. Thanks for the shampoo shout out, too!

  6. Ughh Shay, WHY did you have to be so descriptive, WHY?!?!??!!? lol I liked the information though, I need to write that recipe down it sounds good!

  7. unfortunately being black or half black make you bionic to lice, if only. LOL.

    yall having me over here cracking up at the comments. i was scratching my head and skin like a maniac when i was typing this up and i even went so far as to check my scalp in the mirror. lice freak me out. it's like having the itches from the worst case of dandruff times like 80!

  8. uggh u made me itch!! Great post though lol


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