Friday, September 30, 2011

a review: Queen Helene

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i've seen quite a few reviews of some of the Queen Helene products and i was dying to try them. Baby Big Hair did a review on curl shaping creme and the curl smoothing oil. you can also find another review by Beads Braids & Beyond on the curl shaping creme. i'm posting those so you can see how it reacts in different hair textures and to prove that this stuff really is THAT awesome!

let me just say i first read reviews on it in july and it took me until august to find it in the store. they were sold out every.single.time! that has to be saying something for it right? the pricing is pretty good on it, it's $7.99 for each thing. i took it a lil step further, i bought the shampoo, conditioner, curl shaping creme AND the curl smoothing oil to test out.

1. i LOVE the smell, it's not too over powering but strong enough to smell pleasent
2. it's working for mine, A's, Man's AND my husbands hair.
3. a little goes a long way
4. the price

honestly, there's not much more i can say because the ladies at the links above said everything that i would say and i hate being repetitive. lol what i can add is my husband has the coarsest hair texture out of all 4 of us and he said that his hair feels a lot softer since he's been using it. he applies a little bit of the oil to his hair before he brushes it in the mornings. the oil has been giving all of our hair the right bit of shine without it looking overly greasy. i've used the oil and the creme everyday in the styles i've posted this week. 

this is my hair once dry. it was really really soft and it didn't feel crunchy AT ALL which i really hate. check out that shrinkage.. crazy right?


  1. Your hair is very pretty!!! Great Review I got to get my hands on some of this

  2. I feel the same way about QH. I have nothing but good things to say about it in regards to how it works in Des' hair. By the way, your hair looks great. Love the curl pattern and check out that shrinkage.

  3. Have I mentioned before that I really, really want some of this Queen Helene magic? I love the fact that it is working well on everyone's hair!! Thanks for the info - and your hair looks gorgeous!

  4. I love QH..Its great for braid outs, bantu knot.outs and down and out hair. I wish my store carried all the products. We have only tried the curl cream. Btw, your hair looks great!!

  5. Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I love the way QH makes your curls POP!! Imma have to buckle down and get some!! :) Great post, ma!!


  6. Omgaaaaaa! Your curls are FIYAH! Ooweee. So you liked the shampoo and conditioner too EH?? Get ur royal on! She's Yo Quee-een to Be-ee! Thanks for blog love Honety!

  7. Beautiful hair! I wanna try QH now. Not sure if it's in my area though :)

  8. You're hair looks amazing! Bringing up that PJ in me that I keep stuffing down lol

  9. Your hair is soo pretty! I totally missed this review until just now! I really need to try and find some of this! My daughter has similar hair to yours but she has twice the shrinkage for some reason!


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