Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a review: from Charlotte's Avenue

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as you all know (or hopefully know) in my spare time i like to make headers and buttons for blogs. the sweet and awesome Charlotte from Charlotte's Avenue needed help with some html codes for her blog and in exchange she sent me this awesome earring/necklace combo thingy.

first and foremost the quality of it is superb, it is very well made! it is a little heavy in my first holes in my ears but i'm guessing it's because i've had my ears pierced since i was 3 weeks old. i put it in the 2nd hole and i was good to go. they're really fun and are perfect for a special date night with the hubs. =)

be sure to check out her blog, she has great post on homeschooling, cute styles she does on her 3 girls and some adorable refashions for her sweet baby girl Choca!

**I am not paid or endorsed by Charlotte's Avenue, the opinions stated are my own**


  1. Aww I swear i was just about to ask you about this last night! <3 it! Good job char!


  2. Love the earring necklace...it is beautiful on you. Great job Char.

  3. Looks GREAT on you, girlie!!!! I'm glad you like it girl!!!! :) <3 Thanks for the shout out too!! :) Thanks ladies!!! I enjoyed making it for her!



  4. Uh, how cute are you! Love the whole ensemble, jewelry included!

  5. Those are hot!! Beautiful! Love me some Ave!

  6. Wow, the earring necklace is beautiful! Looks great on you!

  7. That is amazing! I love how it looks on you and it hangs just right. Gorgeous...oh yea, you look good, too ;-)


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