Monday, September 5, 2011

meal plan monday

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Today's meal plan monday is about making more meals out of our weeks menu. Let's recall, last weeks menu I posted for the next 2 weeks is:

·         Spaghetti and peas and carrots
·         Steak fajitas with slaw and corn
·         Baked chicken, rice and roasted broccoli
·         Mini meat loaves, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies
·         Oven fried nuggets, fries, and mixed veggies
·         Grilled bbq chicken quesadillas and corn on the cob
·         Steak, rice and roasted broccoli

sometimes we get bored with our choices or we're just too lazy to fix what we planned on cooking OR sometimes your oven catches on fire while you're cooking like mine did =)
this is where this post comes in handy.

we still had the nuggets, mini meat loaves, steak fajitas, and baked chicken. instead of doing the steak, rice, and roasted broccoli we were in the mood for something different. we made steak melts using sandwich bread and cheese and served it with sweet potato fries. see, we still used all of the same ingredients as we previously had on our grocery list so nothing was wasted and we didn't have to buy anything extra. last night we just didn't want any meat. at any given time i always have a few packs of dry beans and cornmeal in the pantry. it's super cheap and it takes forever and a day to go bad. last night we had beans, rice, and cornbread. we had plenty of leftovers which will now be served with steak tonight.

the point of this is a lot of people don't like to make meal plans because they feel like they'll be limited on what they can eat. that's not true at all! sometimes all it takes is a little creativity with what you already have in the pantry.

well, that concludes this week's meal plan monday. with that i leave you with 2 awesome links!

Super Cook, this is a site where you can put in the ingredients you already have at home and it'll bring up all recipes that have those ingredients. it's AWESOME!

the next link is for some pretty fabulous cheerio muffins. this recipe has ingredients that i almost always have at home, except for buttermilk and she gives you an awesome tip to make your own using skim milk and lemon juice.. go look, i think you might like it =)


  1. I've got fajitas on my menu for the week, too! Going to check out Super Cook right now, sounds like a great site.

  2. Great ideas. Love the link for Super Cook. I am really eating this new feature up...Pun intended..LOL.

  3. Great post I am going to use that super cook website tonight to help me figure out what to cook:)

  4. On my wat to Super Cook!! going to have a lot of crock pot type meals this week!!!

    Love this post, ma!!



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