Monday, September 19, 2011

meal plan monday: kid friendly edition!

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i have been blessed with a child who will eat anything i put in front of her... except broccoli unless i cleverly disguise it ;) but Lil Man on the other hand, NO. he is the pickiest eater known to man. we like to call him a "carbotarian" lol. this monday i decided to post a few links to some kid friendly recipes!

recipe 1. homemade hot pockets
no time to make your own dough? you could use any type of bread stick, bread roll, pizza dough. you can put in any toppings for a healthy lunch/dinner/snack!

recipe 2. homemade corn dogs
let my just state that my family and i are bourgeois when it comes to the type of weenies we eat. we only eat all beef, preferably kosher. also, i use jiffy cornmeal mix to make our corndogs and i don't roll my weenies in cornstarch because i never have any. if you don't do that just make sure your weenies are dry. i also bake or grill our weenies first for that charred flavor.

recipe 3. beef and bean burritos
i mean seriously, who doesn't love burritos?! these are super easy to make. i don't like the taste of refried beans in a can so i make my own mock version. i basically smush up a can of black beans and use that as a substitute, my kids never know and they gobble it up!

recipe 4. homemade larabars
these are delicious! be sure to click the link on her website to take you to the original with more recipes. this is great for kids with food allergies OR for yourself. larabars can get expensive and this is a nice alternative.

recipe 5. homemade granola bars (my own personal recipe =D)
these are so versatile. my kids eat these up as if they were candy. look on page 3, the 6th comment from the bottom has a great tip on using a "sugar syrup" if you don't have honey. 

and that concludes our meal plan monday! =)


  1. I love making my own granola bars! It's so much fun and a great recipe to have the kids help me with!

  2. WOW!! Great post!! This will be something I DEFINITELY do with Choca for her homeschooling/unschooling time!!! Great freaking post!! Stumbling!!!



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