Monday, September 19, 2011

inspired style

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a few days ago All Things Cute And Girly did an easy braids style on her lil cutie. i kept it in the back of my mind because i didn't know if i'd feel like doing a cornrowed style because A had company this weekend. 

this style took me about 30 minutes to do but that's because i was distracted watching 50 first dates. lol it turned out ADORABLE! i actually like the parting better on her style but it's still precious. i added a flat twist in the front to protect her hair line. it some places it's a lil loose because it's fine baby hairs. this is my first time ever doing a flat twist in her hair, i always assumed it wouldn't stay in her hair. the more i do them i'm sure the better they'll look. =) i added clear ballies on each pony tail this morning and i plan to switch them out daily to match her outfits. i put a mix of black and clear beads on the end. we just got the black beads last week, i can't believe we've been without black beads for so long!

i had to put this pic cause it shows just how much she's growing up. she was tired of me taking pictures, she kept telling me to hurry up or she'd be late for school. lol


  1. Your flat twist looks great! Love this on her

  2. Awww lol all these remixed styles make me want to keep doing this style. Its so crazy how you mention the black beads.because i realized we.dont have any either! Even white ones! I need to get on that.

    And look at her outfit! I swear shes always looking cute.

    Btw, my daughter loves 50 first dates lol

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. we have about a million and 1 white beads. white and clear used to be the only thing i'd do. lol.

    and thanks! i try to dress her like a little person and she'll let me know quick like if she doesn't like it

  4. This looks so cute on her, Tanaja can I have her LOL!!!!

  5. Looks fantastic!!! AND... babygirl rocks it well!! Great job, Shay!! You know I'm a HUGE fan of the braided headband look! :)


  6. She is so dang cute, good grief. I love the style and everything, but she is just sooo dang CUTE!


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