Saturday, September 3, 2011


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with my hair growing longer and with A's hair, our drain is starting to get clogged more and more lately and that is GROSS. we typically buy this stuff out of the plumbing department that eats through it but its so toxic it makes me scared to use it that often. (it's not like draino, this stuff is serious, you gotta wear protective clothing, gloves and a mask) it works great but with a tiny bathroom with no window that's like no ventilation at all and i'm sure that can't be good for my health. 

we was at walmart friday and while i was grabbing aluminum foil my husband found the hairstopper hanging off the end of the isle. it was only $1.99 so i figured it wouldn't be wasting too much if it didn't work. we got home and got most of the hair out of the drain *yuck* and put the hairstopper on the drain. so far it's been a success! all you have to do is dumb the hair into the trash can. soooooo much better than trying to unclog the dang drain! i just wanted to share with yall that it really works and maybe it can keep your drains unclogged too! =)

*i purchased the hairstopper with my own money and i am not being paid or compensated for this post*


  1. OoOo..thanks for sharing , I am going to have to get one!

  2. I have one of these cause you are so right, pulling hair and yuck from out of the drain is just GROSS. With Des' hair and my own being almost to our waist it doesn't take long for it to clog everything up. Great tip for those who don't know about them.

  3. Ok...confession...I have been to Walmart only once this entire summer :( But I am going to look for this because I totally hate cleaning my drain :(

  4. I need one of these in my life lol

  5. Do they need a recessed drain? Or do they work if the drain is flat? I SOOOO need something like this!!

  6. well our drain came with a cap thingy on it that stops the bathtub up but that thing is annoying so i took it off. the hairstopper thing has like a lil cup section that sits down in the drain itself

    @Tracey, i go to walmart AT LEAST once a week! lol

  7. Going to WalMart to get one!!!! I need it... All this hair in this house!?!?!? Clogged drains are like the 4th child!! HAHA! :) And WalMart is my place too?!?!? It's a must!!

    Thanks for sharing!



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