Sunday, September 18, 2011

great minds think alike =)

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yesterday i did a post on A's braid out that lasted 2 days and after i posted it guess what i saw? the exact same post by Untrained Hair Mom! she was able to get a 3 day braid out on D's hair and you know what else was crazy? D was wearing a crocheted headband by Diva Locks just like A was. 

just wanted to share that it might be time to try to do some braid outs because i think the timing is right for them to last! =)

she used different products than i did so be sure to check it out for a different products to use for a successful braid out!

look at that beautiful braid out!


  1. I didn't even think about them both wearing a crocheted headband from Diva Locks one day, lol, too funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. woot woot! Great hair, great hair accessories :)

  3. I see Diva locks everywhere i go! (:


  4. That's awesome! lol! Great hair, Great headbands! :D

  5. LOVING THIS POST!! Definitely sounds like braid out time!! Imma have to resurrect it on my head!! :)


  6. I noticed that too! Both braidouts looked great, how awesome that they were both wearing headbands by Diva Locks! They are so beautiful, I think I need to get over there and order some headbands. Interesting idea that maybe the weather is right for braidouts....there is less humidity, but its not too cold yet. Maybe fall is the season of the braidout!


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