Friday, August 26, 2011

update on copycat style!

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A has had this style in since sunday night and i thought i'd give yall an update on it. i decided i would start braiding her hair a little differently than i normally would. i braided her hair right after i washed it so it was still pretty wet. i detangled each section and applied some coconut oil then eco styler gel then braided it. we typically have a lot of fly aways even when she wears a head scarf at night. another thing we changed up is i bought her a do rag and i think that is the trick! her hair still looks great! and might i add, she lays on a towel at quiet time at school and we all know what a towel can do to braided hair. this has worked fantastic for us so i hope it can be of help to yall too!

*sorry for the flipped pictures, i'm trying to figure it out!*

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  1. wow, it looks great after a week. *runs off to buy a do rag!


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