Thursday, August 4, 2011

side pony!

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hey yall =) yesterday i knew i wanted to braid A's hair but i couldn't think of what i wanted to do. i don't always like freestylin it, sometimes i just like a plan. lol i still don't know how i came up with the style but i did and it's pretty successful i suppose. i'm a lil undecided on if i 100% like it or not. it took me 2 hours, longer than what i would have liked. that is with 2 breaks to stop and make them crazy kids some popcorn for their movie time. i actually did colored beads... which is a BIG deal for me. because it's to the side, some of her braids have hair poking out since it's shorter than the rest. i guess we'll live =). her hair was banded for 2 days and nicely detangled but she got it a lil wet in the pool yesterday so i had to do a co-rinse with the bands still in. i used coconut oil for the braiding. man i love that stuff! 

(sorry for the sucky quality of pics, had to take them in their bathroom)

(look at lil brother behind her crying, doin what he does best. lol)

the more i look at it the more those stray hairs are driving me crazy. i normally would have used gel or something with hold and the coconut oil but i forgot it in the bathroom and i already had all the hair stuff laid out and was NOT about to leave my son to explore. =)


  1. This is really cute, Shay, I love it.

  2. I think its cute I guess I should use gel my braids always look like that lol

  3. Cute. Giving me ideas! And don't worry my braids look like that too. I don't use a satin bonnet or pillowcase so you can imagine. I use gel but by the next day ugh. Btw I love your sons face when he's crying..pouting that lip lol

  4. I used a mix of bee mine curly butter and keracare butter cream and let me tell you, N's braids had zero frizz. Which is very surprising. It has been a few days and I honestly think it will last almost 2 weeks which is a huge deal for us lol.


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