Wednesday, August 17, 2011

product review: sidewinders

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a few weeks ago we received 3 different colors of sidewinders to test out. let me just say, i LOVE them. i decided to use them for A's back to school style. i wanted it to be fun but i didn't have a lot of time to sit and put a million beads on. i'm glad that i had these because i think they actually make the style look a lot better than the beads would have.

i thought they'd be flimsy-ish, like bendable. (does that make sense?! lol) but they are actually a harder plastic. they are easy to put in the hair, just twist them on there and voila! all done!

we got the white, princess pink, and hot pink since almost all of her clothes are pink or have a lot of pink in them. we most definitely will be purchasing other colors in these because it's a neat alternative for beads. this time i decided to keep them in place by putting a bead on the end of her hair (just like you do when regular beading) because i didn't want her taking them out at school.

there are many different colors you can choose from!

now on to the pictures!

*i was not paid for this review. i was sent this product for review purposes only and the statements above are solely my opinion*


  1. I so want some of these...guess I better start saving.

  2. Ive always wondered about these..they look pretty neat. love the cute hairstyle..ideas ideas!!

  3. I want some too! She looks adorable! I hope you find the missing sidewinders...

  4. I wasn't some too....What I like about them is that they are colorful & are larger than beads.

  5. I've wondered about sidewinders too - they look great! Could you use just one at a time or does it work better to twist two together? I love the cornrows into twists - great style!!

  6. the great thing about them is they work just as good singled as they do doubled. i just decided to put them together since she was going to be wearing white and pink the first 3 days of school. i HAVE to have things matching or i freak out lol

    and thanks!


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