Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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i was sitting here browsing through honeysmoke and i came across this and found it very interesting. how many times have you or anyone you know really gave someone a questioning look because they look different?


  1. That little girl said "color just doesn't really matter" and I teared up! It really bothers me that the people got concerned for the child when they saw her with her "father" and he was a different color (the white man/black daughter scenario). How are these people to judge whether or not the child felt comfortable? If this scenario happened in real life of course the child and the father would be uncomfortable! Of course the mother would be stand-offish if the waiter came at her like that! I know it was all scripted to get other people's reactions, but their reactions bother me. Do people think that when they see my biracial daughter out with her white mommy and white brother? Do they think that when I get up to go to the bathroom and leave my biracial daughter with her black father? Guess what, I really don't care what you think about my multi-racial family. If you don't like it, leave the area because we aren't. Come at me with questions and I'll tolerate you until you're rude. Lesson is to never judge a situation--you don't know the entire story. Families come in all shapes, colors and sizes and people need to realize that. ::stepping off my soapbox::

  2. @Nikki, i've gotten looks when i was out with my all white sister. people look at us as if i've kidnapped her. i teared up too when the lil girl said that. like you said, i know it was scripted, but those peoples reactions were real because they had no clue it was scripted. i almost fell out when the lady had the balls to say "i bet that's not even the real mom". really? wow. so some random black lady is going to run in and said oh yea i'm the mom? lol i think not.

    if yall get a minute check out some of the other ones. there's one on a white mom adopting a black girl and a black mom adopting a white girl. i just couldn't stop watching them. for some reason i've never watched that show on tv but that makes me want to a lil more.

    people can be so judgemental and harsh to one another. i've often wondered if ppl look at my husband when he takes A out since she's so light and he's so dark.

    just wanted to spread the info yalls way to make ya think =)

  3. smh i would have figured the little girls would mixed or adopted. thanks for posting! loved the ending, very sweeet.


  5. @Dominique-Alexis, i would have thought the exact same thing!

  6. This is always the topic of discussion in my family. My family is mixed races. All of my uncles married outside of our race & my family is cool with the idea but the women who married into our family always talk about how people in their family feel uncomfortable with them marrying Black men. It is sad because there are children in the middle of all this. Nikki & I discussed something similar when she came to my house with Baby O...Its very sad.


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