Sunday, July 31, 2011

happy birthday lil man!

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Happy 2nd birthday my sweet lil man!

2 years ago today at 12 pm (because yes my kids were born at almost the exact same time!) i went from this:

(i was huge right!?)

to this in a matter of 3 pushes:

this lil milk dud had a partner in crime right from the start

always modelin it up for us
(i totally made that shirt out of daddy'd old polo!)

you melt my heart more than icecream on a hot day
(first birthday)

you have a bad temper but you're oh so loving. i think your all time favorite person is your sister, even though you fight every 2 seconds. =) you talk unbelievably well and it's crazy to carry on a conversation with you. little man, you're growing up waaaayy to fast on me. stay little for just a lil while longer will ya please?
(he requested cars on his cakes, so this is what i came up with )

(helping me edit his pictures =) )


  1. Awwww! Happy Birthday Lil Man!

  2. Aww, that pic of him and A together when he was first born is too cute. They grow way too fast huh?? Happy birthday, cutie! I love how you give them lil cupcakes for their birtbday....for breakfast? Ima have to steal that (;

  3. Awww....Love this!! Happy Birthday LM!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday big guy!!! Bless his sweet heart!

  5. indeed, the growing is making me sad. it's so bittersweet. he's our last child so watching them grow only hits me harder that this is it, no more babies =(

    and yes.. cupcakes for breakfast on their birthday for everyone =)

  6. Awahhhhh. He is sooooo cute and yummy and squishy!! Happy bday LM!!

  7. Great pics, Happy Birthday! I hope you guys have the best day ever!

  8. I love those photos! So cute :) Happy bday! Have an awesome day!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL MAN! That was so creative to put small cars on the cake! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

  10. omg, he so adorable, You were huge! I never got that big when i was pregnant. People didn't even know i was pregnant until i was about to deliver. I also never make it to my due date! i had jj at 36 weeks, princess @ 37 and leels @ 38 weeks, so maybe next time i'll go all the way and get big ;-) lol

  11. i had him and A at 39 weeks, i would have popped open if i went to 40 lol. i didn't realize how large my belly really was until looking at the pictures.

  12. Aww, how precious! I love his hair in the pic in front of the fireplace. Your babies are sooo cute!


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