Friday, July 1, 2011

curlformers on mom

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hey yall! i used the curlformers on myself wednesday. i used all of them but 1, which is weird because my hair is WAAYYYY thinner than A's. i guess i just used much smaller pieces since i wanted it to look fuller than what it is. like i said before, we have the extra long and wide ones.. which of course is made for long hair in which i don't have. lol. there's no way i'm going to buy smaller ones just to use on my growing hair. just for reference, the front of my hair comes to my lips, the sides come mid neck and the back comes to the top of my back. i didn't leave them in as long as i should have, but we had to run to the store. i imagine that if i had left them in longer the outcome would have been much better. i got my hair wet yesterday and most of them still help their shape. now.. on to the pictures. excuse how terrible they are, i HATE photos of myself. i probably should have taken them outside but it was 100 and hoooooooooootttt. p.s. i'm also not so pale in real life =) lol

you can tell the curls at the front are a lil frizzy since they were still a lil wet when i took them down

this is before i separated all of them in the back.. booo at how thin my hair is from the years of abuse =(


  1. Gorgeous! Okay, Shay, you've just sealed the deal on me getting some Curlformers for Baby O!

  2. They came out great!!

  3. woooh...look at you...looks great!

    Come check out my recent're in it! :)

  4. LOVE it! I am waiting on my generic curlformers from e-bay. Can't wait to try them out!


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