Wednesday, July 20, 2011

best braidout

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i had plans of taking A's braids out sunday, washing her hair and then simple styling for the rest of the week. we've changed up our diet around here and i just bought some tubs of coconut oil. win win situation, i can eat it AND use it for hair and body! =) at about 9ish sunday morning i greased her scalp with the oil and rubbed her braids down pretty good with it and then let her continue on with her day. i took her braids out at about 1 and MAN her braids hair was sooooooooooooo soft! this is probably the best braidout we've ever done on her hair. it's so good that she's had her hair out since and it still looks pretty dang good. coconut oil is my new answer to everything. it's also helped out my sons forever ashy legs =) lol

the only way i could even come close to capturing the shine was with the flash on. her hair looked really shiney but it wasn't greasey at all which i love. i HATE greasey feeling hair. it's like a lint attractor.

when i was going through the pics i couldn't help but notice how long her legs are. -sigh- if only i were blessed with those long legs. lol


  1. That looks great! Nice widget too :)

  2. Aw I love it! Her hair is looking awesome!

  3. I love coconut oil also! This Braid out is awesome

  4. Isn't coconut oil awesome! I love how shiny her hair is--gorgeous!


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