Saturday, July 23, 2011

banana clips

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last weekend i went old school, i bought some banana clips for us to use. =) my hair is still in that in between length and it's thin but i can pull off a full looking pony tail with the banana clip. but while i'm at it.. let me be honest. she's wore a banana clip almost everyday since i got them... and i haven't brushed her hair any. lol. i took some pictures so you can see her different hair textures. like an idiot i put the same amount of conditioner on her looser curls and it weighed them down A LOT. not exactly the look we was goin for. =D i like the idea of using it instead of a pony tail holder and it doesn't pull any of her hair out. you can't even tell that's what she's got in her hair.

see the difference? BOO on me for that!

and just because she needed to show off her nails =) i love how he always looks at her so lovingly in photos.
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in the words of A in these shots "mom, look at me, take my picture, i look like a lovely princess!!"

a funny for yall: we was at target last night and we was on the barbie isle letting her pick out something. she pointed to a black fairy and screamed out "DADDY!! look at her, she is SOOOOO beautiful, JUST LIKE ME!" =)



  1. Aww pretty hair! And that's so cute about the black fairy :)

  2. I love the fairy comment! Did Daddy paint her nails this time? LOL If so, he did a wonderful job! :)

  3. Great idea! Love the outfit...what she said sounds so much like my daughter lol

  4. i'm tellin yall, this girl is FIESTY! lol.

    and no, i painted them this time =) this girl had to get dolled up to go shoppin. she picked out that dress and her "princess slippers". then she said i needed to do her nails, put her earrings in and give her a sprits of her dora perfume.

    last night daddy said he's worried cause he knows she's gonna give him a run for his money the older she gets lol

  5. ps.. while everyone else is over at gymboree we're over at childrens place buying the similar lower priced items. lol

  6. The hair looks great, I love banana clips but I haven't used them on the diva yet though just me :)

    She looks so cute twirling around in her dress

  7. What beautiful babies!! And precious curls!!

  8. I love the banana clip look on her! Where did you find them? I remember wearing them when I was younger.

    I used to love Children's Place, but lately I'm not impressed with their inventory! I was just there a couple of hours ago and it's July, but they have fall clothes out...I know all stores do that, but that store and Crazy 8 were pretty much out of anything in 3T/4T!

  9. i haven't actually been in the store yet but i was browsing online this morning and saw a few cute things but that's usually always the case.

    i got the banana clips at walmart. a 3 pack in white, brown, and black for $3. i ended up getting the only pack left, i guess they're coming back in style. lol

  10. CUTE! cute kids, cute nails, cute fairy story.... and cute hair!! I thought banana clips were going to be so awesome for us, too, I've seen so many nice pictures - and I remember my mom using them eons ago on her straight hair.... but I don't think Q has enough strands yet! LOL It looked pretty terrible. But A's look fab! :D

  11. karli, just curious.. was Q's hair wet when you put the banana clip in? i first put it in on my wet hair and it looked a HOT MESS. my hair is waaaay to thin to pull it off. but i let my hair air dry and then i pulled it up into the clip and it looked good. that might help!


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