Sunday, July 31, 2011

happy birthday lil man!

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Happy 2nd birthday my sweet lil man!

2 years ago today at 12 pm (because yes my kids were born at almost the exact same time!) i went from this:

(i was huge right!?)

to this in a matter of 3 pushes:

this lil milk dud had a partner in crime right from the start

always modelin it up for us
(i totally made that shirt out of daddy'd old polo!)

you melt my heart more than icecream on a hot day
(first birthday)

you have a bad temper but you're oh so loving. i think your all time favorite person is your sister, even though you fight every 2 seconds. =) you talk unbelievably well and it's crazy to carry on a conversation with you. little man, you're growing up waaaayy to fast on me. stay little for just a lil while longer will ya please?
(he requested cars on his cakes, so this is what i came up with )

(helping me edit his pictures =) )

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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i was sitting here browsing through honeysmoke and i came across this and found it very interesting. how many times have you or anyone you know really gave someone a questioning look because they look different?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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hey yall =) just wanted to let yall know that you can now find us on youtube. if there's anything specific you'd like to see, leave me a comment and i'll try to make it happen!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

banana clips

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last weekend i went old school, i bought some banana clips for us to use. =) my hair is still in that in between length and it's thin but i can pull off a full looking pony tail with the banana clip. but while i'm at it.. let me be honest. she's wore a banana clip almost everyday since i got them... and i haven't brushed her hair any. lol. i took some pictures so you can see her different hair textures. like an idiot i put the same amount of conditioner on her looser curls and it weighed them down A LOT. not exactly the look we was goin for. =D i like the idea of using it instead of a pony tail holder and it doesn't pull any of her hair out. you can't even tell that's what she's got in her hair.

see the difference? BOO on me for that!

and just because she needed to show off her nails =) i love how he always looks at her so lovingly in photos.
RV6vO3 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
in the words of A in these shots "mom, look at me, take my picture, i look like a lovely princess!!"

a funny for yall: we was at target last night and we was on the barbie isle letting her pick out something. she pointed to a black fairy and screamed out "DADDY!! look at her, she is SOOOOO beautiful, JUST LIKE ME!" =)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

best braidout

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i had plans of taking A's braids out sunday, washing her hair and then simple styling for the rest of the week. we've changed up our diet around here and i just bought some tubs of coconut oil. win win situation, i can eat it AND use it for hair and body! =) at about 9ish sunday morning i greased her scalp with the oil and rubbed her braids down pretty good with it and then let her continue on with her day. i took her braids out at about 1 and MAN her braids hair was sooooooooooooo soft! this is probably the best braidout we've ever done on her hair. it's so good that she's had her hair out since and it still looks pretty dang good. coconut oil is my new answer to everything. it's also helped out my sons forever ashy legs =) lol

the only way i could even come close to capturing the shine was with the flash on. her hair looked really shiney but it wasn't greasey at all which i love. i HATE greasey feeling hair. it's like a lint attractor.

when i was going through the pics i couldn't help but notice how long her legs are. -sigh- if only i were blessed with those long legs. lol

Friday, July 8, 2011

we're back =)

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it's been roughly 7ish weeks or so since i've braided any hair. i wondered if i even remembered how to. lol. i wasn't going to braid her hair this week because i didn't want to be bothered with putting sunscreen on her part lines, but eh, lets be honest, we both are tired of detangling multiple times a week. lets do another recap, A is 4 years old and it's been 7ish weeks since she's sat for a prolonged period of time to get her hair done. i'm happy to report she did really well. i bribed her with a piece of dark chocolate for when the styling was done and she took the bait. =) lets not even talk about my part lines... man, they are bad! someone decided to break the pointy end AND all the teeth off my parting comb. lol. i had to use a large blunt tipped comb and man, that was not doin it! the parts looked good at first until i started braiding and took a step back. ahh well.. what can you do? lol anywho... on to the pictures!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

sunshine award =)

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we won our first award from untrained hair mom on monday! it's the sunshine award. =) i know i know.. i'm a slacker since i'm just getting around to posting it. sorry.

In order to collect your award here's how it works:
Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them
Tell one thing about yourself
Then nominate 10 blogs
Stop by and let them know you chose them!

one fact about me is : i love teeth.. weird, i know. lol
one fact about A : she's REALLY strong for a 4 year old
one fact about Man : he's dealthy allergic to penicillin

i'd like to nominate the following in no particular order =)
all things cute and girly
baby bella hair

i can't think of 4 more blogs to nominate right off the top of my head because the others were already nominated! you guys are so awesome someone else already thought of you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

curlformers on mom

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hey yall! i used the curlformers on myself wednesday. i used all of them but 1, which is weird because my hair is WAAYYYY thinner than A's. i guess i just used much smaller pieces since i wanted it to look fuller than what it is. like i said before, we have the extra long and wide ones.. which of course is made for long hair in which i don't have. lol. there's no way i'm going to buy smaller ones just to use on my growing hair. just for reference, the front of my hair comes to my lips, the sides come mid neck and the back comes to the top of my back. i didn't leave them in as long as i should have, but we had to run to the store. i imagine that if i had left them in longer the outcome would have been much better. i got my hair wet yesterday and most of them still help their shape. now.. on to the pictures. excuse how terrible they are, i HATE photos of myself. i probably should have taken them outside but it was 100 and hoooooooooootttt. p.s. i'm also not so pale in real life =) lol

you can tell the curls at the front are a lil frizzy since they were still a lil wet when i took them down

this is before i separated all of them in the back.. booo at how thin my hair is from the years of abuse =(

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