Tuesday, June 14, 2011

virtual play date =)

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we was invited to play in a virtual playdate from kandy land kurls. so here are 10 facts about A and Man in no particular order. =)

A's facts
1. she is VERY into fitness although she's only 4. she can do more pushups than i can with a better form!
2. she likes the healthier cereals over sugary ones.
3. she's shy at times
4. she's a daddy's girl all the way
5. she's very loving
6. she likes the dentist
7. she prefers to wear dresses because she says it makes her a princess
8. LOVES music of all kinds
9. very stubborn
10. very creative

Man's list
1. he's been potty trained since he was 19 months old
2. he HATES meat
3. he doesn't eat any type of red sauce
4. he likes basketball
5. he carrys a pillowcase for a blankey
6. he copys EVERY SINGLE THING A says like clockwork
7. he's afraid of dogs and cats
8. mamas boy =)
9. very shy
10. likes to play barbies with A sometimes =)

thanks for inviting us to play along! the blogs i was going to invite were already invited! lol


  1. Aww how adorable! My daughter N laughed when I read how your son plays with barbies, because her baby brother does too. His favorite is the jusin bieber doll haha! Thanks so much for sharing this info and joining the playdate!

  2. sometimes we get questionable looks when he's carrying around an ariel doll but i say it's going to teach him how to be more loving to girls =) lol he's a kid and he doesn't know the difference, all he knows is his sister plays with them so they MUST be fun.

    the best thing ever is that she can dance better than michael on the wii, priceless! lol

  3. A sounds alot like my youngest Lea! she loves 'healthy' cereal and is a true daddy's girls!


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