Thursday, June 16, 2011

officially a month

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hey yall! =) well, it's officially been a month since i put A's mini braids in and i must say, i'm very impressed. the protective challange has ended over at beads braids & beyond on facebook. i thought i was going to take the braids out last weekend but i changed my mind. i've washed them and that caused a lot of frizz but i still think they look pretty good. she likes them a lot so i'm in no real hurry to take them out just yet. she wore 2 french braids for the last couple of days so now they are all crinkley and cute. i left the braids at the top to keep her hair out of her face and food and it looks super cute. i did an upclose of the top so you can see some of the frizz.


  1. Her hair still looks pretty good- Im lucky if mini braids (or anything) lasts a week in C's hair!

  2. Nice! Protective styles sure save mom's like us time & energy! Your daughter's hair looks still looks really good!

  3. thanks! normally we get a good week in with styles before the frizz is out of control. i've been shocked by these minibraids. a big part of keeping the frizz down was not getting it wet. she looked so cute in her shower cap =)

    and kee kee, yes, it's saved A LOT of time and energy!


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