Tuesday, June 28, 2011

curlformers =)

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hey yall =) back in may i won an amazing giveaway that was hosted by kandyland kurls and untrained hair mom . after a little delay with the shipping from curlformers themselves i got them last week. i washed A's hair this morning with loreal paris sulfate free shampoo and the sallys brand of argon oil conditioner. i left a tiny bit of conditioner in her hair. i detangled her hair, which i thought would take forever since she wore her big hair yesterday and slept on it, but it wasn't too bad, i detangled as i put the curlformers in.

i think the trick is for the hair to 1. be pretty wet and 2. use a "setting lotion". i used suave professionals sleek anti frizz cream and then i put eco styler gel on top of that. i brushed all the lumpys out and proceeded to put the curlformer on. it took me a few trys to really get it good. i have the extra long and wide set and out of 40 of them i used all but 7. i alternated each color so each curl would go different ways. i put them in this morning around 11 and i took them out at about 5. she slept in them at nap time with no complaining, but she is a belly sleeper so that may have helped out.

i think next time i'll leave them in a little bit longer, i think some of her hair was still slightly damp, but it has been pretty humid, so i'm sure that had a lot to do with it. i think it makes her look older but she loves them and so does her dad. i sent him a pic of her with the curlformers in and he said it reminded him of nicki minaj.. dunno if i was goin for that look or not. lol. now.. onto the pics!

note* notice how short her hair looks? as a reminder, her hair is actually mid back length. it's neat to see how she would look with short hair. =)

also, i hate how the flash makes it look scalpy when it doesn't look like that at all!


  1. WOW-that is so beautiful! I'm going to buy a couple sets of Curlformers and put them in the closet until Baby O's hair is a little longer lol


  2. Gosh it came out so gorgeous! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!

  3. Great results! The curls came out so cute!! I also hate when flash does that haha.


  4. thanks ladies!

    @Nikki, i've got pretty short hair but i'm going to attempt to use them on my hair even though they are the extra long ones lol.

    i'll post some pics if it turns out good that way even if she has short hair you can still maybe use them!

  5. Please do post pics of your hair if you use the Curlformers on yourself. I'd love to see them!

  6. Those curls look gorgeous! And she is beautiful! I have short hair (not as short as baby O's) and I used them on mine...in the pack I got there was long and wides and short and wides, I used the shorts ones in the back since that's where my hair is the shortes and the longer ones on the sides and it worked

  7. These are sooo pretty! I've been eyeing curlformers for myself. I can't curl my hair for nothing and they never seem to stay. You have thoroughly convinced me to buy all these products - minus the ecostyler gel I already have! (: lol love it!!

  8. She's a cutie. They look awsome!

  9. This looks great! I have been meaning to try the curlformers on my 3 girls' heads, but I've been hesitant because of the price. I think I may be sold now. Thanks for the review :)


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