Saturday, June 18, 2011


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in case you didn't know..
have i told you guys how much i love my followers =)

in the words of ni hao.. "you make my heart feel super happy" =D

should have some styles soon.. we're still hanging on to these mini braids! i forsee a lot of pool time in the next coming weeks so i'll be trying some styles that will hold up well for lots of splashin around.

and here's some cute photos of yesterday, just because.

i love how you can see me in her shades takin the pic with my phone. lol. i couldn't get another shot of them standing together being nice and both smiling if i tried. the stars aligned for me yesterday!


  1. They are so stinking cute! If you want to sell them just let me know.. hahaha

  2. they are always for sale but sadly they keep getting returned! lol. you'd bring them back shortly after you took them. they are some crazies! =)


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