Monday, June 27, 2011

5 weeks 4 days

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yes yall, you read correctly. A has had her mini braids in for a total of 5 weeks and 4 days. the hubs has the rest of the week off so i know it'll be a lot of time relaxing and playing so i figured i'd go ahead and take them out today. her new growth was something serious! i've never loved a hairstyle so much in my whole life! it took me a total of 1 episode of bubble guppies, 1 dora snow princess movie, 2 spongebob episodes and 1 pb & j sandwich to take them all out. =) it wasn't too bad, i just took my time and didn't rush, and oddly enough, she wasn't rushing me either. i take those moments when i get them.

she didn't have a lot of shed hair like i thought she would. she sheds hair like crazy, (she gets that from me) but it only ended up being a small lil wad. but something bad did happen. i went to take a potty break and when i came back my son had the comb and she was letting him... BRUSH HER BRAIDS!!! he ended up ripping a pretty large strand of hair out. when i took the tangled mess of a braid down i almost passed out. i can't believe she didn't say it hurt. smh @ kids sometimes.

when i was done taking them out i brushed her hair out into a nice fro. she LOVED it. she kept saying she looked like a princess. i washed her entire head only once during that whole time but i kept it moisturized. her hair was soooooooooooo soft when i got done brushing it. after she wakes up from her nap i'll wash it and decide if i'm going to style it later or not. she has a lot of lint in it.. and from the pictures i'm about to show you, you'll know why =)

new growth!

i took this one so you can see how tight her curl pattern is at the nape of her neck. it's like that all the way to the root when her hair is loose. she also has that texture on the sides near her ears and the front of her hairline

this is right after she got done saying "mom, i'm a beautiful princess with this hair" lol. she looks funny because her hair is sooooooo big and she's so small. <3

shed hair from the entire 5 weeks, 4 days beside my phone for comparison... and ignore the fuzz balls in it. lol also, the scary piece that her sweet brother ripped from her hair while trying to comb it

pic overload i know.. but i saved the best for last =)

swingin her hair
whoooooshweirdo =)
you think she likes her hair? =)


  1. Aaahhh--I love it! I showed my two year old, Baby O, the moving pics and she started singing "I whip my hair back and forth" lol. A has such beautiful hair!

  2. thank you =) is it totally weird that we looked at those moving pictures and laughed for almost 30 minutes? lol

    ahh, me and my kids are some weirdos =)

  3. This is sooo cute!!! Her hair grew A LOT in 5 weeks!!!

  4. Hahaa totally love the last pics! "I'm a beautiful princess!" haha too cute :)

  5. HAHAHAHA I love the moving pictures that is soo cute and cool

  6. LOL, i think she likes whipping it back and forth. "i whip my hair hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth" just whip it! Thats what i thought of. Her hair is soooooooo long

  7. lol, i love the photos...D's curls are tighter around the nap of her neck and all the way around her hairline too


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