Tuesday, June 28, 2011

curlformers =)

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hey yall =) back in may i won an amazing giveaway that was hosted by kandyland kurls and untrained hair mom . after a little delay with the shipping from curlformers themselves i got them last week. i washed A's hair this morning with loreal paris sulfate free shampoo and the sallys brand of argon oil conditioner. i left a tiny bit of conditioner in her hair. i detangled her hair, which i thought would take forever since she wore her big hair yesterday and slept on it, but it wasn't too bad, i detangled as i put the curlformers in.

i think the trick is for the hair to 1. be pretty wet and 2. use a "setting lotion". i used suave professionals sleek anti frizz cream and then i put eco styler gel on top of that. i brushed all the lumpys out and proceeded to put the curlformer on. it took me a few trys to really get it good. i have the extra long and wide set and out of 40 of them i used all but 7. i alternated each color so each curl would go different ways. i put them in this morning around 11 and i took them out at about 5. she slept in them at nap time with no complaining, but she is a belly sleeper so that may have helped out.

i think next time i'll leave them in a little bit longer, i think some of her hair was still slightly damp, but it has been pretty humid, so i'm sure that had a lot to do with it. i think it makes her look older but she loves them and so does her dad. i sent him a pic of her with the curlformers in and he said it reminded him of nicki minaj.. dunno if i was goin for that look or not. lol. now.. onto the pics!

note* notice how short her hair looks? as a reminder, her hair is actually mid back length. it's neat to see how she would look with short hair. =)

also, i hate how the flash makes it look scalpy when it doesn't look like that at all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

5 weeks 4 days

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yes yall, you read correctly. A has had her mini braids in for a total of 5 weeks and 4 days. the hubs has the rest of the week off so i know it'll be a lot of time relaxing and playing so i figured i'd go ahead and take them out today. her new growth was something serious! i've never loved a hairstyle so much in my whole life! it took me a total of 1 episode of bubble guppies, 1 dora snow princess movie, 2 spongebob episodes and 1 pb & j sandwich to take them all out. =) it wasn't too bad, i just took my time and didn't rush, and oddly enough, she wasn't rushing me either. i take those moments when i get them.

she didn't have a lot of shed hair like i thought she would. she sheds hair like crazy, (she gets that from me) but it only ended up being a small lil wad. but something bad did happen. i went to take a potty break and when i came back my son had the comb and she was letting him... BRUSH HER BRAIDS!!! he ended up ripping a pretty large strand of hair out. when i took the tangled mess of a braid down i almost passed out. i can't believe she didn't say it hurt. smh @ kids sometimes.

when i was done taking them out i brushed her hair out into a nice fro. she LOVED it. she kept saying she looked like a princess. i washed her entire head only once during that whole time but i kept it moisturized. her hair was soooooooooooo soft when i got done brushing it. after she wakes up from her nap i'll wash it and decide if i'm going to style it later or not. she has a lot of lint in it.. and from the pictures i'm about to show you, you'll know why =)

new growth!

i took this one so you can see how tight her curl pattern is at the nape of her neck. it's like that all the way to the root when her hair is loose. she also has that texture on the sides near her ears and the front of her hairline

this is right after she got done saying "mom, i'm a beautiful princess with this hair" lol. she looks funny because her hair is sooooooo big and she's so small. <3

shed hair from the entire 5 weeks, 4 days beside my phone for comparison... and ignore the fuzz balls in it. lol also, the scary piece that her sweet brother ripped from her hair while trying to comb it

pic overload i know.. but i saved the best for last =)

swingin her hair
whoooooshweirdo =)
you think she likes her hair? =)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

this saddens me

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in regards to the mean and hateful "bloggers" out there who claim to be a help to others:

i can not and will not help you promote such nasty things.

just remember, you reap what you sow. =)

please do not follow my blog by thinking we are joining a pact. this is the internet and this is a blog merely for the purpose of helping other mother's do their childrens hair!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


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in case you didn't know..
have i told you guys how much i love my followers =)

in the words of ni hao.. "you make my heart feel super happy" =D

should have some styles soon.. we're still hanging on to these mini braids! i forsee a lot of pool time in the next coming weeks so i'll be trying some styles that will hold up well for lots of splashin around.

and here's some cute photos of yesterday, just because.

i love how you can see me in her shades takin the pic with my phone. lol. i couldn't get another shot of them standing together being nice and both smiling if i tried. the stars aligned for me yesterday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

officially a month

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hey yall! =) well, it's officially been a month since i put A's mini braids in and i must say, i'm very impressed. the protective challange has ended over at beads braids & beyond on facebook. i thought i was going to take the braids out last weekend but i changed my mind. i've washed them and that caused a lot of frizz but i still think they look pretty good. she likes them a lot so i'm in no real hurry to take them out just yet. she wore 2 french braids for the last couple of days so now they are all crinkley and cute. i left the braids at the top to keep her hair out of her face and food and it looks super cute. i did an upclose of the top so you can see some of the frizz.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

virtual play date =)

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we was invited to play in a virtual playdate from kandy land kurls. so here are 10 facts about A and Man in no particular order. =)

A's facts
1. she is VERY into fitness although she's only 4. she can do more pushups than i can with a better form!
2. she likes the healthier cereals over sugary ones.
3. she's shy at times
4. she's a daddy's girl all the way
5. she's very loving
6. she likes the dentist
7. she prefers to wear dresses because she says it makes her a princess
8. LOVES music of all kinds
9. very stubborn
10. very creative

Man's list
1. he's been potty trained since he was 19 months old
2. he HATES meat
3. he doesn't eat any type of red sauce
4. he likes basketball
5. he carrys a pillowcase for a blankey
6. he copys EVERY SINGLE THING A says like clockwork
7. he's afraid of dogs and cats
8. mamas boy =)
9. very shy
10. likes to play barbies with A sometimes =)

thanks for inviting us to play along! the blogs i was going to invite were already invited! lol

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

protective challenge update

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hello all in blogworld =) another update on A's mini braids. still holding strong! i put them in on may 16th and i'm surprised by how great they've been. styling has been minimal and we've both been enjoying that. she's been attempting to pull her own hair into a ponytail and this has given her time to experiment with that. -sigh- she's growing up on me! we've basically been doing either down, ponytails, buns, or half up/half down. 99% of the time she wants them down, but it's been extremely hot so i've been making her wear them up when we go outside.

pics from the park this morning with a simple bun on top of her head. lol @ man's shorts jacked up so high.

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