Saturday, May 7, 2011

the twist

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i finally took the beads out of As hair 2 days ago. her rope twist looked fine but i decided to go ahead and wash her hair before we left out of the house yesterday. the before was pretty cute. i made sure to get a before and after that way you can really see the shrinkage and what her carseat does to her hair. luckily, even though it looks bad, the detangling wasn't that bad!

and the after.. and be sure to check out that nice artwork done on the wall by my sweet lil man =)

see how fat and juicy they got and that rat nest at the back?


  1. I had a rat nest in the back of my youngest ones hair last night, couldn't get it out :( Was taking too long so I just did what I could and did loose single braids for bed and I'll work on it again tonight. What is your method for removing rat nest like that?

  2. patience patience patience! and good lighting and the right tools. i use a spray bottle, HEAVY conditioner, denman brush, comb, and a safety pin and my fingers. the saftey pin is so i can pull up the lil hairs so i can slide them out gently. it took about 20 minutes in all to get it out. i try to get as much as i can with my fingers and then i comb or brush it so it doesn't get matted back up.. if that makes any sense at all! hope to help!


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