Thursday, May 12, 2011

simple to simple

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booo, i'm so behind on my hairstyling! i just haven't felt up to it. i guess i'm still in shock from the 2 big chops. lol i really can't remember when i did the first style on her. it lasted 3 days i think. she got jelly in her hair so i washed it with the braids still in the night before last. it was close to bedtime so i needed something quick and easy. i unbraided each braid as i went and used those sections to make my new braids. it took me 30 minutes and that was with us watching tv. i like it because she can wear it in a bun or a regular pony tail. this morning i added a flower clip to her bun. super cute! sorry in advance for the super blurry and bad photos, its been raining/cloudy on and off now for a few days.

new style =)


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