Monday, May 16, 2011

protective style and bad ends

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ok, so i'm sure you all have seen the buzz going on about the tangle teezer and fairy knots? if you haven't.. go look it up and beware! how could i not have noticed what was happening to the ends of her hair?! ahh! they looked TERRIBLE. when her hair is wet you couldn't tell at all. today i decided to really look at them and wow, little knots were everywhere. i've noticed that when i fix her hair, it seems to get more tangles at the end and they just feel rough. i trimmed off maybe a little more than an inch and now her ends look MUCH better. but anywho. BBB is doing a protective style challenge and i figured this would be the perfect time to do such a challenge since she just got her trim. i did box braids but i did them much smaller than i ever have before. my fingers were dying but i managed to get them done in 4 hours. i also entered a lil contest to do a replica of a celebrity kids hairstyle. i picked willow smith =) A thought this was the best, she kept saying "my heart is super happy in my hair" lol.

her ends looked so fried, it made me sad to see that i hadn't been paying attention to her ends

and last but not least, our willow smith style =)

not nearly as big as willows heart but i was working with A's real hair and was definately not going to add any hair just to make it that big.

and p.s.
A turns 4 tomorrow guys!


  1. Love the Willow Smith style and happy early birthday to A!

  2. OMYGOSH! how did you make that heart? please tell!

  3. um. wow!

    How did you do that Willow Smith hair???!!

    We are going to try the BBB protective style challenge too. I started with twists, we'll see how long they last.


  4. Oh my goodness, what a fab job on the Willow style copy! And I have to ask--did you keep it that way for long? As cute as it is, it doesn't seem like an "everyday" kind of style that would be practical for school, running errands, etc. But it looks great! Hope you win the contest. =)

  5. thanks ladies for the compliments and birthday wishes!

    because we are doing the BBB protective style i didn't want to use rubberbands or clips or anything. what i did was cut a heart shape out of heavy cardboard.. which wad difficult trying to cut with scissors. then i just started wrapping the hair around the heart and tucking the ends under where the hair was wrapped.

    @Kimberly, she wore this all day. literally. but it was distracting because she kept wanting to look in the mirror. my kid is a total free spirit so she would wear this out in public and to play in. lol. can you imagine the looks we'd get while running errands in this style. PRICELESS!

  6. Happy Birthday A!!!!!!

    I can't believe I haven't found your blog before! :S Well I'm glad I did now! (Thanks for putting your watermark on the Willow Smith copy - I saw it on BBB wall!)

    Anyway, I'm off to browse more of your blog now! and Good luck in the BBB challenge!

  7. hey Karli, thanks for stopping by!

    you know what's funny is we've talked before on diaper swappers! small blog world after all lol

    thanks for the birthday wishes!

  8. That heart is amazing! You should write a how to!

    Ya know I haven't heard anything on the Tangle Teezer breakage,
    but I was noticing a lot of breakage on my daughters hair andwe stopped using our TT about a month ago :/

  9. Ahhh...I'm a mom to a free-spirited lass myself, so I can definitely understand why she'd like to keep in a style like that! =) And that's hilarious that she kept looking in the mirror all day. I guess I would, too, if my hair looked that cool! ;)

  10. Found you from BBB. Her hair is the CUTEST!


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