Sunday, May 22, 2011

protective challenge update

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hi yall! it's been officially a week since A has had her mini braids in. they all aren't so many, i've noticed that a few are a lot bigger, but that's probably because we were watching beverly hills chihuahua and i was distracted. lol. her braids are holding up nice. she has a little bit of fuzz but she's been running over the house all week with blankets on her head saying she was a ghost. =) other than that, it's all good. her head hasn't been itching but i've been washing her scalp with a washcloth instead of wetting her braids up. i rub grapeseed oil on her braids daily and pay special attention to her ends since she had her trim. this month we are trying to retain that length back that i cut off. it's been REALLY hot here this week. this morning at 10 it was already like 80 out! since it's supposed to be hot next week to i'll probably bun her hair for the week, but i dunno yet. we are both loving them. but we've gotten some annoying comments since she's had them. 3 times in one day we were asked was it her real hair because there's no way a kid that young could have that much hair. O_o are you serious people? i'm just going to take it as a compliment and ride with it!

and just because, here's a shot of them being nice to each other... which is VERY rare lol

very annoying that it keeps flipping pictures! GRR

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  1. The braids look very good! And aww what a cute pic :)


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